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About Me

My name is Jason Ansel. I am a Director of Engineering at GoDaddy, which I joined in 2013 as part of the acquisition of the startup Locu. I started working for Locu in 2011, while I was simultaneously pursuing my PhD at MIT CSAIL, which I completed in 2013. I was the first non-founder employee of Locu and my work there and at GoDaddy focuses on creating machine learning algorithms for extracting semantic information from unstructured web content.

I spend some of my free time working on OpenTuner, an extensible framework for program autotuning. We are currently looking for users, if interested the source code is available on the OpenTuner site.

As part of my PhD dissertation, I started the PetaBricks language and compiler project. PetaBricks is a language that incorporates algorithmic choices to allow an integrated autotuner to explore search spaces of program implementations. As an undergraduate I did research with Gene Cooperman and helped create DMTCP, a user-level distributed checkpoint/restart system.