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My name is Jason Ansel. I am currently working on PyTorch Compilers at Facebook.

Before Facebook, I was at GoDaddy helping build a deep learning platform for predicting small business behavior and personalizing experiences across the company. I also created GoDaddy Domain Appraisals, which uses neural networks to predict the resale value of a domain name better than a human expert. I joined GoDaddy in 2013 as part of the acquisition of the startup Locu, which I joined in 2011 while I was simultaneously getting my Ph.D. at MIT CSAIL.

I did my Ph.D. dissertation in the Commit group lead by Saman Amarasinghe. I started the OpenTuner project, an extensible framework for program autotuning. I also created the PetaBricks programming language, a language that incorporates algorithmic choices to allow an integrated autotuner to explore search spaces of program implementations. As an undergraduate, I did research with Gene Cooperman and helped create DMTCP, a user-level distributed checkpoint/restart system.