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Research Projects


OpenTuner is an extensible framework for building domain-specific multi-objective program autotuners. OpenTuner supports fully customizable configuration representations, an extensible technique representation to allow for domain-specific techniques, and an easy to use interface for communicating with the tuned program.


PetaBricks is a language and compiler where algorithmic choices are exposed explicitly to create programs that define a search space of possible algorithms. The PetaBricks compiler then uses empirical autotuning to search over these algorithms for an optimal version.


Kendo is a library that allows multithreaded programs, that would normally produce nondeterministic output, to execute deterministically by enforcing a dynamically computed and efficient ordering of lock acquisitions.


DMTCP (Distributed MultiThreaded Checkpointing) is a tool to transparently checkpoint and restart the state of a distributed cluster computation that communicates through MPI or sockets. It works on unmodified binaries at the user level.

Side Projects


LendingClubChecker is a python script to perform automated trading on the peer to peer lending site Lending Club.

Open Source Contributions

While at Google I added support for sandboxing self-modifying code to Native Client (part of Google Chrome). I have also submitted bug fixes and minor enhancements to a number of other open source projects.